Underworld -Awakening in 3D

The most awaited sequel to the Underworld series, ‘Underworld Awakening’ in 3D is finally releasing this New Year in theatres near you. An action flick totally supported by the talented and beautiful actress Kate Beckinsale looks very promising. You wouldn’t want to miss seeing Kate kick some serious butts and try and keep the vampires at bay to save the human race. From the storyline to the screenplay and the dialogues, the film does justice to the popularity and the magnanimity of its prequels.

Kate Beckinsale who has been a part of the Underworld franchise in its previous two films was heard saying, “Action films attract me to don these roles as I get to use guns, hang from a wire, learn gymnastics. It’s all so very exciting!” Apart from her, we get to see India Eisley, Charles Dance and Michael Ealy in this film.

Written by Len Wiseman and John Hlavin, this 89 minute film of Sony Pictures is in 3D, which adds to the total experience of watching the film.

The direction which is the crucial part of any action film, is done by Mans Marlind and Bjorn Stein from Sweden, who have brought to the screen some very powerful action scenes. The direction is very innovative, fast paced and gripping which will leave the thrill seekers wanting for more.