Two Prestigious Awards for Nisha JamVwal within One Year

Two Prestigious Awards for Nisha JamVwal within One Year

A second prestigious award comes the way of Celebrity Columnist & Brand Strategist Nisha JamVwal. This week at the India Affairs Power Brand Conference 2014 Nisha received “India’s Most Promising Brand Consultant known for Out Of The Box Thinking” where the Network 7 Media Group Jury felicitated JamVwal for “innovation, creativity & out of the box thinking” at the 5th Annual India Leadership Conclave.

This is within a few months of receiving the coveted International Women Achievers award from the ‘World Women Leadership Congress’ for her outstanding career performance and work in the NGO sector by Dr.R.L. Bhatia.

Speaking on stage about the fact that this is the second award this year, Nisha said “I feel doubly privileged and inspired to be in the company of illustrious achievers like Naresh Goel, Arvind Kejriwal and Sonakshi Sinha. An award, however big or small is an acknowledgement of one’s hard work and sacrifice.”

At the same India Affairs Award ceremony this week where wrestler Sangram Singh, hotelier Aishwarya Nair, Columnist Nisha JamVwal, Dr. Mukesh Batra, Naresh Goyal of Jet, Meera Sanyal and the likes of Shraddha Kapoor won awards at the convention, the highpoint of the day long proceedings was an invigorating panel discussion which was quite the buzz in Mumbai post the event. JamVwal stole the show.

When invited to debate at the key panel on Indian politics with Meera Sanyal, Javed Jaffrey, Mayank Gandhi, JamVwal debated the relevance of AAP moderated by Mr Brahma in the current scenario. Alone and pitted against three members of AAP on the panel fighting Nisha Jamvwal, she alone held a different point of view to the subject at hand. The performance and aptitude of AAP and whether they would ever be fit to run the country, or even Delhi was the point of debate.

The discussion became very heated and one sided, Nisha spoke brilliantly and singularly routed for good governance. She felt that the present government be given a chance to right all the problems faced by the country at this time. Nisha held her own and we discovered that every attempt was made to beat her down.

What no one expected when the discussion was thrown open to the audience Nisha jumped up most unexpectedly from the stage, taking the hand mike directly to CMD of the Leela Group Vivek Nair. Nair was in the audience and Nisha unexpectedly drew him into the debate, asking the eminent businessman’s opinion on the topic at hand- ‘What did he feel about AAP.

Nair voiced his opinion, making it clear that the citizens of India wish for the present government to govern and be given a fair chance, and that Indian’s had given their clear mandate to the BJP, hoping for their success in putting India back on track economically. Nisha’s quick thinking was touted as a complete coup of sorts and left everyone speechless, got Nisha a resounding applause for her fortitude and sense of joie de vivre which she is well known for.