&TV’s Bitti inaugurates her paan ki dukaan

&TV’s Bitti inaugurates her paan ki dukaan

Bitti Businesswali

&TV’s new show Bitti Business Wali is successfully breaking stereotypical mindsets related to women and their financial independence. The concept and Bitti’s character has been loved by the audience and critics alike. Bitti’s quest of being financially independent will reach its high point in the narrative of the story, and the show will witness its first milestone.

After exhausting all her options of finding a suitable job, Bitti (played by Prakruti Mishra)has decided to start her own business and open a paan shop. The show from the beginning has highlighted the struggles faced by women to earn their share of money and be self-reliant. Taking the thought ahead, the current track will showcase Bitti inaugurating her own paan shop much to the dismay of her family, especially her grandmother. But as always, her lover Maahi (Abhishek Bajaj) will stand by her in this choice.


Sharing her excitement on Bitti starting her new entrepreneurial venture Prakruti Mishra aka Bitti said, “I believe financial independence of women is a necessity for empowerment, and not just another option. Women should aspire to become economically strong to sustain their family, society and the country at large. Nothing should be taboo for a woman, or unconventional just because society at large perceives it to be a ‘man’s job’, even if it’s something as unusual as being a ‘Panwaari’. Bitti will leave no stone unturned to find her spot under the sun, earn her respect and stand on her own feet.”

To this Abhishek Bajaj aka Mahi added, “Just like my character Mahi is in full support and agreement of Bitti’s decision to start a business of her own, I am too. If every man took it upon himself to ensure the women close to him are financially independent and support them in this endeavour, then society and the position of women in it would be have a better standing.”

Looks like the new Panwaari in the mohallah is going to soon rule the business.

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