Tusshar Kapoor to launch his own production house

Tusshar Kapoor to launch his own production house

Having created a niche space for himself as an actor in Bollywood, Tusshar Kapoor now ventures into film production and will shortly announce the name of his production house along with the news of his first film.

Talking about his ambitions with the production house Tusshar says, “My production house will surely carve its own niche in the industry. It won’t be just another addition to the list of production houses which already exist. I won’t produce anything that is mediocre”. Adding that, “I will never make abstract, art house cinema. My films will be offbeat, but will also appeal to a mass audience. A good film eventually becomes commercially viable and that’s what I am aiming for as a producer”

While details are tightly being kept under wraps ,sources reveal that the actor is in talks and is already in the process of short listing a script –