Tune in to your weekends with 92.7 BIG FM on ‘Unplugged with Mayur’

A unique Kannada music show hosted by the livewire RJMayur

Bangalore, India’s No. 1 Radio Network andBroadcaster of the year at Golden Mikes, 92.7 BIG FM has announced the launchof their special Sunday music show with RJ Mayur called “UNPLUGGED with Mayur”.The show will air from 7 am to 11 am every Sunday morning offering 4 hours ofrefreshing Kannada music back to back to make Bangalore’s Sunday morningsrelaxed and fun. The show will feature artists like Rajesh Krishnan, Gurukiran,Arjun Janya and Vijay Prakash.

Thisis going to be a one of its kind unplugged music show which will feature famousmusic directors, singers and the who’s who of the Kannada music industry. Theshow will have artists coming in to the BIG FM studios to perform to theirfavorite numbers unplugged. RJ Mayur will be spending time interacting withthese artists and the listeners in his quintessential style and tone ofnaughtiness spiced with flirtations here and there. RJ Mayur is fun and has astrong hold over Kannada. To top it all, he has extensive knowledge of music ashe is a musician himself.

Hereis a chance to get to know your music icons better, to see their lives andexperiences up close, and share what they might have felt composing that musicyou love so much. RJ Mayur’s magical voice can bring a smile on any face andcan make any listener feel one with the show. Advertisers too stand to gainfrom this show as the show will have a wider reach by virtue of being aired onSunday mornings, at a time when Bangalore is enjoying a relaxed weekend.

Companyspokesperson said, ‘We are delighted to have RJ Mayur onboard with us as he isgoing to surely entertain our listeners with his engaging style of talking andhis effervescence. The show will add spice to the lazy Sunday Bangaloremornings where families can sit together and listen to some great music. Listenersand advertisers both are sure to gain mileage out of this exciting new show.