Tune in/ highlight- Sony Entertainm​ent Television (10th Feb)

Kiya will finally enter as Ved’s wife in Chaturvedi household. Toasty will be very disappointed how fate has brought this new turn in her devar Ved’s life. Kiya will try hard to impress her in laws and other family members. Toasty knows Kiya’s true colors but will be unable to reveal her evil intentions in front of the house. Unaware of all these happenings, Chhedi who will be happy with Ved’s decision of marrying his best friend’s daughter will announce that Ved and Kiya should go on honeymoon! Everyone in the family will be in shock to hear this after so much of drama.


Will Toasty be successful in protecting her family from Kiya?

What has destiny in store for Ved?


To know this, tune into Saas Bina Sasural on Friday at 9:00 pm only on Sony Entertainment Television!!!