‘Tujhse Hai Raabta’ watch the episodes before they air only on ZEE5

‘Tujhse Hai Raabta’ watch the episodes before they air only on ZEE5


Tujhse Hai Raabta is one of the most popular and beloved television shows currently and this week, Sarthak decides on admitting Mukku in an international school and find out what happens next. Watch the episodes before they air on tv only on ZEE5.

Malhar confronts Kalyani about not informing her about the man with Moksh’s info and threatens to tap her phone. Moksh decides to teach Avni a lesson an replaces her coconut cream with cow dung.

Avni fails to prove it was Mukku but asks Mukku never to lie to her again. Sarthak decides to make Mukku take an exam so that she is admitted in an international school.

Kalyani tries making Sarthak convince for home schooling but fails but makes me agree let her prepare Mukku. Malhar makes things difficult for Kalyani by giving away all the grains to poor people and giving a leave to all the servants. Kalyani manages to get the grain from the shop and prepare Mukku for Sarthak’s mock test at the same time. Despite being prepared Mukku writes all the wrong answers. Sarthak is left furious and Kalyani feels confused.

Kalyani letter finds Mukku under the bed crying as she thought Kalyani might have to lose her job if she spends more time in teaching Mukku, as Avni had made her think. Malhar gives a paper to Kalyani to write one wish and says his l full fill it. Kalyani writes that whenever Moksh is found Malhar shouldn’t let him go away. Malhar laughs and writes his wish on the other side that Kalyani will have to stop talking to Mukku and stay away from her.

Mukku finds that Kalyani is not talking to her and breaks down while Kalyani on the other hand breaks down as well as Malhar keeps and aye on her. Mukku continues his lessons with Avni who then cuts the power and disguises as Mukku’s nani with Kubdi in an attempt to scare Mukku and make her reveal the truth. Kalyani reaches there and saves Mukku but suspects that Aparna is back to take Mukku away.

Malhar follows Aausaheb and finds out that she is meeting Godavari. Kalyani saves Mukku from getting humiliated at school. Avni plays another trick to make Mukku reveal the truth making him stuck in bog but later on both Malhar and Kalyani reach their and in a live risking situation for both Moksh and Kalyani survive it.

Watch the episodes one day before they are aired only on ZEE5.