True enlighteni​ng in life “KUL KI JYOTI KANYA”

ActorAamir Khan on his show “Satyamev Jayate” brought forth the brutal reality ofour lives which is Female Foeticide and the efforts taken to bring these realitiesin front of National Television are commendable. Much like this effort anupcoming serial of Doordarshan “Kul ki jyoti Kanya” raises similar issues whichwill show heart shattering reality of life. The first episode of this serialwill be telecasted on 7th June at 12:00pm on DD and the serial will thenbe telecasted from Monday to Friday at the same time.

Thestory revolves around a man who denies having a daughter as his child and hopesfor a son. With such thoughts in mind he kicks his pregnant wife and twodaughters out of the house and marries for the second time. This time aroundthough his second wife gives birth to two sons but the aged father receives nolove from their end and is ill-treated by them. At such time his daughters, whowere thrown out of the house by him, take him under their wings. It is in suchcondition that he realizes who is the true lantern of our lives -“Kulki Jyoti Kanya”

The serial which is produced by Deepak Sharma’s D.S production is directed by AlokDixit. The serial is written by Paras Jaiswal and stars Upasana Singh, GajendraChauhan, Asha Singh, Sahiba, Vijay Bhatiya, Amit Pachauri,Mallika,Manish Jain,Ramesh Ghoyal, Suman Gupta ,Rajesh Tiwari and Charu Wadhwa in the lead roles.