Trivision Films Pvt. Ltd & Catch Spices & Salts Presents Documentary Song based on “Stop Female Foeticide”

Trivision Films Pvt. Ltd & Catch Spices & Salts Presents Documentary Song based on “Stop Female Foeticide”



Trivision Films Pvt. Ltd & Catch Spices & Salts Presents

Documentary Song based on “Stop Female foeticide” “Save the Girl Child”

Anil Sharma, Mukesh Rishi, Kanika Maheshwari, Mushtaq Khan, Kumar Mohan etc graced the evening with their presence and were felicitated 

Vijay Bhardwaj with Mukesh Rishi

“A home without a daughter is like a body without soul” Documentary song based on “Stop Female foeticide” “Save the Girl Child” presented by Trivision Films Pvt. Ltd & Catch Spices & Salts seeks to address gender imbalance and discrimination against the girl child prevailing in the country not only in the uneducated households but in educated ones too. The evening saw the presence of Vivek Mishra , Shweta Khanduri etc

Kanika Maheswari being Awarded

More than 100 renowned celebrities from different walks of life including Bollywood, Television & Politics like- Manoj Bajpai, Udit Narayan, Jigyasa Singh, Manish Goplani, Resham Thakkar, Anil Sharma, Mudassar Khan, Ratan Rajput, Mushtaq Khan, Mukesh Rishi, Pooja Singh, Deepika Singh, Debashree Biswas, Dheeraj Kumar have lent their selfless support to the Documentary song based on “Stop Female foeticide” “Save the Girl Child”.

Kumar Mohan, Anil Shar ... jay Bhardwa

Apart from the glitterati industrymany girls from Schools, Colleges and Universities have lent their support to the ambitious project. Many NRIs are standing in support of the project.

Director & Producer, Vijay Bhardwaj of Trivision Films Pvt. Ltd says “Lamenting that we have an 18th century mindset, through this documentary song we call for an end to the discrimination between sons and daughters. This is the key to ending female foeticide. . This practice exists even today and the killing of the female fetus after sex determination is fearlessly continued among every strata of the society. Today the society as a whole needs to change their attitude towards the girl child so that we can eradicate the practice to female foeticide. Although there was a healthy sex ratio in the north-eastern region and tribal areas, in many parts of the country the incidence of female foeticide is high”

“People say in old age sons come in handy. Had that been true, so many old age homes would not have opened. Sons have cars and bungalows and yet, many times, parents remain in old age homes. On the other hand, there are innumerable daughters who work hard to keep their parents happy. If girls get the chance, they perform better than boys” says Vijay Bhardwaj of Trivision Films Pvt. Ltd. 

Presented by- Trivision Films Pvt. Ltd & Catch Spices & Salts; Directed & Produced by- Vijay Bhardwaj; Concept & Lyrics- Steffi Bhardwaj; Co- Produced by- Dr. Amita Solanki; Ass. Director- Chiranjeev Kumar.

It was a double whammy! Trivision Films Pvt. Ltd has taken an oath to touch sensitive issues of the country. The evening will also witness Mahurat of the documentary film “Women fight against crime” which will be the first of its type. More than 500 celebrities are already a part of this project. Many industrialists like Catch Masala, Satmola, and many other have showed their concern towards this alarming issue of our nation by giving their interview to make people aware of all those crimes against women.

Telecast Channel, Date &Time –

1) “Stop Female foeticide” “Save the Girl Child”

Channel- E24; 10th July, 2016 on Sunday at 8:30 PM

Zee News, IBN Lokmat; Date & Time- 28th August on Sunday at 8:30 PM

2) “Women fight again crime”

Channel- Zee News; Date & Time- 28th August on Sunday.