Tom Alter in SciFi Thriller Out Of Time.

Tom Alter in SciFi Thriller Out Of Time.

Tom Alter, the veteran actor known for his role as the red robe guru in Shaktiman is back after a short break. He’ll be seen playing a scientist in Arijit Lahiri’s SciFi thriller, ‘Out Of Time’.

Alter is a very noted actor in the Bollywood film fraternity and has worked with several famous directors like Satyajit Ray and Rajat Kapoor. The Padma Shri award winner plays a scientist in the flick. The movie is about a father who goes missing in a mansion, built in the British Era. His son, many years later, comes back to look for him along with his friends. But, the events that take place is the least expected by any.

The movie revolves around the fascinating subject of time travel and the enticing yet, terrifying idea of being trapped in a particular timeframe or time loop.

Alter liked the idea of being trapped in time and gave a thumbs up for the movie after the reading, and was a part of it.

Co-written and Produced by Vaibhav Bhatnagar, the movie has a gripping plot and is supported by equally gritty narration and top notch direction. The movie is aesthetically shot by international cinematographer Jeremy Reagan, who ventures into Hindi films after his award winning Indian debut with the critically acclaimed Marathi film Pune 52.