Titoo MBA – Film Review

Titoo MBA – Film Review


Titoo MBA Full of Fun , Frolic & Serious Melodrama! Worth A Watch !

Film : Titoo MBA

Producer : Rajan Batra, Mayank Patel

Directed : Amit Vats

Cast : Nishant Dahiya, Pragya Jaiswal, Abhishek Kumar,

           Puja Ballutia, nandini Sen, Anchal Singh

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The best part with Titoo MBA is the introduction titles as it takes you right into the heartland of Punjab and the  real interiors of the rural landscape and into the movies main storyline. It goes to the credit of the  director Amit Vats & the writer Puja Ballutia who is also there in the film, to have created the kind of ambiance and atmosphere very typical of a Punjabi Household and the neighbors around. What strikes you most is the freshness of the lead cast.Especially Pragya Jaiswal as Gulshan, an academic topper & a female hockey player representing the college. Having won several Trophies & Awards and appreciations since school days, she has developed a personality who will not stand any nonsense and take shit from anyone. In stark contrast we have our main lead protagonist Takhat Singh Gill aka Titoo ( Nishant Dahiya ) who has lost his way trying to make it big in business. His initial forays into Liquor, Female garments, and Poultry business turns out to be a nightmare of sorts and having lost heavily, tries to even it up by borrowing heavily from one and all and getting into heavy debts , knows not how to get out of it.

A chance encounter with his childhood friend, changes his style of thinking and gets him into one of the most unconventional but highly paying business. The director has very effectively tried to take the story to its ultimate end. Dialogues are bang on ! Very typical with Punjabi flavor. This is Nishant’s second outing after his debut film with YRF “Mujse Fraandship Karoge “.  He has a very affable and charming personality. He gets into the skin of the character very effortlessly, bringing forth the dilemma of a person caught in similar situation.

On the other hand Pragya Jaiswal in her debut role has delivered one of the most striking performance . She looks very much the typical Punjab di kuddi earthy , smart, gorgeous and sensuously beautiful to the core. She shows the veterans flair for switching from innocence to blatantly wild and romantic to the hilt.

There are some sequences where both of them have chance to shine, especially the arranged marriage meetings, typical boy girl ececcentricities and Titoo’s encounter of the weird kind with his business partners.

There is a good dose of the third angle to the triangle ! Shanty ! Yes !  Shanty has childhood crush  on Gulshan and is virtually obsessed with her and is ready to go to any extent to get her and her attention. For this he seeks the help from the Baba  of a dirty kind and dirty doing.

All hell breaks loose when Titoo’s alternate career indulgences gets of the hook and gets exposed.

Camera work by Karan B Rawat is quite adequate and Editing pretty crisp. As for music by Arjuna Harjai,  it has its moments. The numbers O Soniye sung by Arijit Sigh and Vibha Saraf is very hummable and adds to the narrative , Also the number Kya Hua again sung by Arijit Singh strike a chord. Atyachaari  written and sung by Surabhi Dashputra and Arjun Harjai adds to the momentum.

Just go and watch fun unfold as Titoo with his wild escapades takes on the might of Bold & Bindaas yet very much vulnerable but very lovely and beautiful Gulshan.