‘ Title’ Tales for Saahil Prem’s Someday

‘Title’ Tales for Saahil Prem’s Someday
Paanch Rupaiya Barah Aana Productions, the makers of India’s first ever dance film; have decided to reach out to the youth to suggest titles for their film, tentatively titled Someday.

Saahil Prem the new kid on the block- – madly and stubbornly passionate about dance and music –  , is gearing to introduce to Indian audiences unconventional dance on par international standards as he makes his acting and directorial debut in India’s first ever dance film. Targeting their core audience between the 16-30 age bracket, the cast and crew wanted to explore options to the tentatively titled film and decided what better way than to involve the youth-

A “Someday” page has been started on popular social networking sight Facebook where audiences are invited to suggest titles for the film, winner of whom will be awarded a cash prize and will also be credited in the film for their creative contribution.

This activity will continue for 2 weeks post which the winning title will be announced –

Says director and protagonist Saahil Prem “The film was made for the youth so we thought why not leave it to the youth to suggest fitting titles for the film – We are really excited with this campaign and have already been receiving several entries.If you want to be part of this,all you have to do is log onto the Someday page on Facebook and participate”.