Timeless Qawwali interpreta​tions by Amaan Ali Khan & Ayaan Ali Khan by Karan Johar

Timeless Qawwali interpreta​tions by Amaan Ali Khan & Ayaan Ali Khan by Karan Johar

Times Music presents Rang – Colors of Sufism. This album consists of Timeless Qawwali interpretations by renowned Sarod stars Amaan Ali Khan & Ayaan Ali Khan. Amaan Ali Khan and Ayaan Ali Khan represent the seventh generation of their father, Ustad Amjad Ali Khan’s musical legacy. They have performed at concerts and festivals around the world and have crossed the bridge between pure classical and western fusion with their electronica and lounge albums. They have collaborated with various artistes like guitarist Derek Trucks and percussionist Evelyn Glennie among others and performed at venues from Carnegie Hall to St. James Palace. The album is an attempt to showcase the magnificence of both styles of music, while preserving the identity and purity of the Indian raga as well as the stately grandeur of classical music.  They have co-authered two books, Abba: God’s               Greatest Gift to Us (2002) and 50 Maestros 50 Recordings (2010).

The occasion to unveil the album started with much emotion, as guests started to pour in with the guest of honor for the event who is one of the most celebrated names from the film fraternity, Karan Johar. Karan unveiled the album with Amaan and Ayaan Ali Khan and showed much gratitude to Indian Classical music and the traditional artists who have come together to blend their art for their devoted audiences.

Amaan Ali Khan talking on this exceptional night said, “ It is a great feeling to be launching our work with such love and appreciation, We, My brother and I have always tried combining different Indian art forms that can come together to create something extraordinary.”

The evening was seen to be a star studded affair. The Album was unveiled by the guest of honor and the brothers followed by Karan Johar conveying his appreciation to the audience present.

Jaya Bachchan graced the occasion and was thrilled to be a part of the celebration. Jaya also co unveiled the album for the khan brothers. Some of the invitees of the event were Goldie Behl, Shantanu and Nikhil, Romesh Sharma, Ramesh Taurani, Tupur chatterjee,

Talking on the unveiling of the album, Ayaan Ali khan said, “I am extremely grateful to all present here, this collaboration and our compilations is very special to us and I hope that everyone enjoys our most recent work. I would like to thank all those who have helped us put together the album”.

RANG features Amaan and Ayaan’s interpretations of traditional Qawwalis on the Sarod along with singing the Qawwalis in their distinct style. The Qawwalis have been performed in authentic style by Sultan Niyazi and party. This unique confluence of Sufi singing and the sonorous sound of the sarod create a blissful and divine experience for the listener. Some of the tracks from this album include Mann Kunto Maula, Aaj Rang Hai, Bahaut Din Beete, Main Nizaam, Zihale Miskin and Kaahe Ko Byaahe Bides.