This Rakha Bandhan entrepreneur Aneel Murarka fulfills his sister Poonam Dhillon’s dream.

This Rakha Bandhan entrepreneur Aneel Murarka fulfills his sister Poonam Dhillon’s dream.  

While they flaunt the tiara of fame and popularity, they also stay close to their Indian rituals. One amongst the few brother sister to celebrate the auspicious festival Raksha Bandhan is Poonam Dhillon and Aneel Murarka co- founders of “Poetic Justice Films and Entertainment pvt ltd” .

Raksha Bandhan, the day stands for the unconditional love and affection shared between brother/sister. The ritual of gifting is an indispensable part of the celebrations on Rakhi day. Aneel Murarka abiding by the ritual bestowed his love on his sister Poonam Dhillon gifting her recently concluded award function IIAA (International Indian Achiever’s Awards) as his token of love.

Tied by the sacred thread of love, Aneel Murarka conquered the real essence of Rakhi and left no stone unturned to make the festival extremely special and memorable for Poonam Dhillon.

Talking about the festival Aneel Murarka says “IIAA has been a long cherished dream that she has nursed for years, and what better occasion to profess my love for my didi. Seeing her dedication for IIAA I decided to gift her award ceremony as a token of love on this Rakhi. Wishing all the readers Happy Raksha Bandhan”

Rejoicing the whole euphoria of the Raksha Bandhan, Poonam Dhillon says “The festival of Rakhi is approaching and everybody around is full of excitement and enthusiasm, so am I.  The day holds a deep meaning in my heart as the day is all about the love you share with your brother and of course all so the gifts” further adding “However this year is special since bhai (Aneel ji) has gifted me IIAA as my rakhi gift which has added more to the festival. He has always been very supportive towards everything I have done in his unique way and I feel extremely proud and glad to have his support in everything I do”.