This Father’s Day, Helps Kids to create their own Super Dad Poster

This Father’s Day, Helps Kids to create their own Super Dad Poster

~Celebrate “The Everyday Effect” of the Little Things your Father does for you~

With Father’s Day approaching, many of us will be scrambling for the perfect Father’s Day gift.

This Father’s Day,, India’s first online ecosystem for Kids is helping the kids design and gift a unique Super Dad Poster to their dads.

To celebrate the special things Dad does every day, Worldoo is releasing an event in their Community Centre “Make Your Own Super Dad Poster”. This event is an invitation to all the kids on to share the big emotions that come from small moments with Dad. This event helps the child to create a Super Dad Poster by clicking on various designs and sharing the same with his/her Dad to show their appreciation and love.

To create and share the poster with your Dad, simply logon to Worldoo ( and surprise your Dad on this Father’s Day.

“Each child sees a superhero in their father,” said Mr. Harsh Wardhan Dave, Head – Experience and Brand, “I am proud that our website now features various designs and graphics through which a child can recognize and honour the invaluable contributions that a supportive father figure can bring to a child’s life. It’s a simple yet beautiful gesture which will be loved by kids as well as their dads.”

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