The world’s first oxygen mask for car invented

The world’s first oxygen mask for car invented

Revolutionary product ‘OMASK’ is another contribution by Canadian entrepreneur and celebrity singer Nofel Izz

OMASK is a light weight portable safety breathing apparatus which allows the passengers of a vehicle to escape when submerged in water by providing oxygen rich air in a mask that is waterproof /airtight and could also be a life saving apparatus in possible situations such as bridge collapse, deadly smoke inhalation, fire in houses and high rises as well as public transportation.

When asked Mr. Izz about why he decided to work on this invention he said; “Accidents have become a part of our daily lives and so have natural disasters. Typically in a submerged vehicle crash, water rises to the bottom of the passenger window within 30 seconds. A person would have to wait until their vehicle is fully submerged before escaping. Due to external pressures, one would have little or no time to save themselves or their loved ones. With OMASK this situation will be avoidable and before you receive emergency help, you would be safe and free from drowning.”

Currently the indigenous innovation is in its manufacturing stage. Samples are being sorted out for leading car manufacturers, and vehicle safety suppliers, who understand that OMASK – is just as important and pertinent to have as an AIR BAG.

“ I have always believed that every idea, which can help the society in a better way should be developed and communicated. The company who understands the same values, will be chosen to distribute OMASK.CA exclusively” – Nofel Izz.

Apart from entertaining half million fans on Face Book and working on his next Sufi album, Nofel Izz has embarked on creating awareness in Dubai for such a product in the market place while looking for a suitable investor.