The worlds 1st ever anti piracy song, conceived and composed by Shamir Tandon, is all set to release
on this year’s World IP Day, on 26th Apr 2012. Many efforts have been made across the globe to
curb piracy through anti piracy films but nowhere have artists come together to create a song saluting
creativity and creating awareness of paying for legal purchase of music be it physical or digital.
Shamir Tandon is witness to a lot of legendary musicians in India who have died of penury where there
was no money for the last rights of the deceased and even the artist when alive had to beg in local trains.
If piracy didn’t exist and royalties flew back to the artists like it happens in the rest of the world this
would not have happened. Hence it was important to create a movement which could happen not by fear
psychosis to the youth but by bringing together the leading singers to get together and appeal to their
fans to not steal music just the way they don’t steal any other commodity or product.
This gave birth to the song ‘Salaami ho jaye ‘which essentially means saluting the creative fraternity
and respecting them by paying for their creativity. Shamir Tandon who comes from a rare background
of being the only one who has seen the music business from both the sides both as managing director of
a leading multinational corporate and being the music director for more than a dozen Bollywood films,
produced this track under the aegis of Universal Music India in association with
“I’m very touched that just a phone call to my friends Shankar Mahadevan, Sonu Nigam, Shaan, Mohit
Chauhan, Sunidhi Chauhan, Kailash Kher and discussing this menace that is killing us all, they all
immediately agreed to join hands with me on this project of not only lending their voice but also making
themselves available for the music video”, says Shamir Tandon.
At a time when all labels and all .COMs are busy conducting their business and all artists are busy
performing all over the world, Universal Music India, and these 6 singers readily agreed to
spare time for this cause. To top it all the first musical family of India – Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhosle –
is represented in this effort through their torch bearer, Zanai Bhosle, granddaughter of Asha Bhosle, a 10
year old child, who represents the generation to come, also makes her debut with this song and sings the
last few lines.
The song is shaped in such a way that it’s just not a salute to musicians, but to the creative fraternity at
large with unique words like ‘Kharighar’ and ‘Johori’ used in the song that represents creators from all
fields including film making, book writing, art, painting etc.