The VFX extravaganza – PULI

The VFX extravaganza – PULI

The VFX for upcoming fantasy adventure film Puli has been done by Mr. Kamalakannan who has previously  worked on VFX for S. S. Rajamouli’s Magadheera and Makkhi.

While in SS Rajamouli’s Makkhi there were 1200 Vfx shots, 1600 in Magadheera and 2000 in his historical war film Baahubali, Puli has a whooping 2400 VFX shots.

Kamalakannan says, “Initially we were planning to have 2600 Vfx scenes in Puli, but later we reduced it to 2400 due to some constraints. But even after reducing the shots are more than Baahubali.”

The Vfx for Puli has been done in 8 different studios across the world in counties such as India, St. Petersburgh in Russia, Ukraine and Armenia.

Some interesting characters completely created in VFX and can be seen in the trailer are the One Eyed Monster, Giant Tortoise, Black Panther and many more which will be revealed in the movie.