The Monk of Indian Cricket Murali Vijay reveals all on ‘Quick Heal Bhajji Blast with CSK’

The Monk of Indian Cricket Murali Vijay reveals all on  ‘Quick Heal Bhajji Blast with CSK’ 

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Qu Play’s flagship Show “Quick Heal Bhajji Blast with CSK’ is creating waves in sports entertainment with its unique candid content. Every episode seems to stir up some controversial discussion and many eyebrow raising moments leading to the show’s growing popularity.

Continuing the tradition, the swashbuckling opener Murali Vijay opened his innings on Bhajji Blast by a shocking revelation from his early years. ‘Monk’ as he is fondly called, explained the origin of the title and how he ran away from home in his early teens due to his love for Cricket and the poor grades in school. He fondly recalled his overachiever sister who used to get good grades yet her thirst for better marks was never satiated compared to him who was content in barely passing. After realizing that they both had flunked grade 12, Bhajji recounted how he was caught cheating in his exams. The conversation then shifted to Long Hair and how it was rumored that Murali wasn’t allowed to play in the team because of his long hair. Bhajji remarks that after Rahul Dravid, Murali is the one cricketer who looks more like a movie star so maybe thats what scared the selection committee.

Bhajji continuing his evangelical mission of making every non-Punjabi mouth Punjabi Dialogues ensued a lot of guffaws as Murali struggled , but Murali got back by challenging Bhajji to mouth a Tamil dialogue.

Murali reminisced about his first Series against Australia and how his lack of understanding Hindi came between him and communicating with Bhajji. On his chemistry with Shikhar Dhawan, Murali recounted a funny incident with Duncan Fletcher and Dhawan’s forgetfulness. Monk signed off with talking about his family and his three kids where he and Bhajji exchanged notes on fatherhood & believing in God.

Bhajji Blast is a fun talk show where Harbhajan Singh interviews his teammates from Chennai Super Kings and they’re seen having a blast with each other. Harbhajan Singh and guests let out some funny dressing room secrets to keep the audiences entertained and their wisecracks will have the audiences in splits.