The Lift Boy indeed Lifts the spirit and makes it an entertaining film worth a watch !

The Lift Boy Film Review  – Lifts the spirit and makes it an entertaining film worth a watch !

The Lift Boy - Poster

Film : The Lift Boy
Director – Jonathan Augustin
Cast- Nyla Masood, Moin Khan, Sagar Kaale, Neha Bam, Aneesha Shah

Rating – 4 Stars⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

As I sat through the film ‘The Lift Boy’ there was hardly any expectations per say. But on the way as the story unfolded it started getting interesting making you wonder as to whether any such thing can happen. Now possible or not you can’t deny that The Lift Boy has its moments of reality and truth embedded in it’s narrative which makes you introspect that where there’s a Will there’s a Way.

Director Jonathan Augustin for his debut film goes for wishful thinking and succeeds too, because it is very difficult for today’s generation to follow their father’s job or profession. Especially here it becomes more relevant because the main protagonist is studying Engineering and having done his schooling in English Medium is required to go and fill up for his ailing fathers absence as a The Lift Boy in one of the Posh Society of the Metro City.
But due to circumstances and his not being able to get through his engineering exams after multiple efforts is virtually coerced into doing the job till the time his father recovers.

Now Raju’s ( Moin Khan) whole world is encompassed within the confines of the Lift from ground to sixth floor. And on this Floor resides the landlady Mrs. D’SOUZA (Nyla Masood ).

Now the relationship and the bond which develops between the owner Mrs. D’souza and Raju and the daughter of the fifth floor celebrities daughter Princess ( Aneesha Shah ) who is same age group connect right from the word go ….
Back home his interaction with his parents and the one and the only friend Shawn who is also his well wisher ready to help him as and when required are noteworthy and helps the story in its entirety.

Director succeeds in keeping the story flowing with some very apt and inspirational dialogues to keep the mood and momentum going on !
Nyla as the land lady D’souza and Moin Khan as Raju the reluctant Lift Boy give real to life performances and so endearing is their act that you really start believing as to what all is happening.

For rank newcomers  Nyla Masood who looks and acts as Mrs.D’souza a no nonsense but nevertheless a very kind hearted and a very good human being does her part to a perfect Ten (10). The way she hides her emotions and comes to term with her loneliness and yet manages to show her strong and matter of fact persona are the hallmark of her talent.

She is equally and very competently complimented by Moin Khan as Raju who expresses across his discontent, uncertainties and vulnerability with ease and confidence. His interactions with his father Sagar Kaale and mother Neha Bam  are quite touching moments and his of his age lift pal Aneesha Shah has its loveable moments. Dialogues are a real treat and elevates the characters personas.

All marks to the director for making an interesting fare a slice of life film with true to life moments, thereby making it an entertaining and fun film worth watching.

To add to this with some crisp editing and adequate Sound effects and Background score from his talented team makes this Lessons of Life drama even more engaging and spirited effort !!!