The launch of fine jewelry by Manali & Vicky Shoor !

The launch of fine jewelry by Manali & Vicky Shoor !



Evening where fashion will take  the  spot-light  & style will take the centre- stage  at the launch of fine jewelry by Manali & Vicky Shoor.

The evening is spearheaded by Sharmila Thackeray, Manali Jagtap, Vicky Shoor & Vijayta V Gandhi

10th October, 2016 in Mumbai- There is no gainsaying that jewellery is one of the most popular accessories among women all over the world. And in the wake of jewelry and apparel designers joining hands to offer their items under one roof, fashion enthusiasts have a whole range of both to pair and wear with- Manali Jagtap Shoor & Vicky Shoor’s fine jewelry- MVS.

Leading light of Indian fashion landscape to salivate the craving for everything precious & luxurious, Designer Manali Jagtap Shoor along with her husband Vicky Shoor to launch an exquisite line of fine jewelry- MVS. With a carefully selected, magnificent range, of intricately designed- MVS will not bear just a mark of excellence, but also an assurance of quality that will be recognized the world over. Exuding a modern vibe, the collection will comprise of chic and exclusive pieces of  pendants, rings, earrings, bangles and bracelets . Marvelous & delicate work will make the collection worth the grabs.

Excited & equally nervous, Manali Jagtap says “There is a vintage aspect to my designs. We have prepared pieces that not only stand out but fits everyone’s budget. I believe there is a powerful relationship between jewellery design and fashion in general, which we have endeavoured to captureOur jewellery will complement the different  outfits. It will cater to different women with different choices”.