The controvers​ial peta campaign featuring Pooja Misrra releases !

We were pleasantly surprised to see model/vj/actress Pooja Misrra’s peta ad campaign at its release, as it was very contrary to any false controversy surrounding it.Pooja has diligently silently worked and volunteered for peta for 3 long years, she was completely vegetarian during her tenure in big boss season 5 and even wore a peta tshirt on the biggest reality show on indian television to motivate people to be kind to animals.

After 3 years of hard work peta appointed Pooja Misrra as their brand ambassador to encourage people to stop cruelty on birds by caging them and clipping their wings.

Apparently that lead to a lot of jealousy therefore false controversies were cooked up.However pooja refuses to get phased by such hearsay and confirms signing 3 bollywood films.Pooja says i let my work talk for itself!