THE BEATMAN IS BACK! Shabop – Shiamak Davar’s Music Album !

THE BEATMAN IS BACK! Shabop – Shiamak Davar’s Music Album !
After two hit albums in the nineties, Shiamak Davar is back with his latest music album

Shiamak Davar returns to his first love – singing.

Aptly called, Shabop, Shiamak defines the title song as ‘dance, without worry’. An eclectic mix of Hip Hop and street Funk, the music is young, peppy and very modern. The cool, grunge feel of the video shot in a construction site celebrates that fact that dance is for everyone, a motto that Shiamak has stood by for two decades.

Shiamak – Shabop, the music album is a result of two years of song writing, recording, collaborating, mixing, re-mixing and mastering. Shiamak has teamed up with friends who are themselves established artists, who have inspired him and share a common passion towards music. Shankar Mahadevan, who sang backing vocals for many songs on Shiamak’s album Mohabbat Karle album, is featured on Zara Zara. In Main Chaloon, Shiamak sings along with
Hariharan. Bebe with Shweta Pandit, is exuberant and sassy. In the inspirational Inam Hai Zindagi, Shiamak shares his spiritual learning. Shiamak brings back his hit single Jaane Kisne with a new, acoustic piano version. The album also features fantastic club mixes by DJ Aqeel and DJ RaOwL.

The first Shabop teaser has received thousands of hits with days of it going live on ShiamakTV – Shiamak’s official YouTube channel. Music specialists predict Shabop to bring alive the Pop Music scene in the country.

Shiamak – Shabop releases digitally in August!

Shiamak, the original Beatman, is Back!