The audience just can’t stop raving about Superstar Yash’s KGF Film !

The audience just can’t stop raving about Superstar Yash’s KGF Film !

Yash's performances in KGF- Chapter 1

Yash’s performances in KGF: Chapter 1 was so thunderous that it completely lit up the films in theatres and the film even won  2 awards for Best Action and Best Special Effects at the 66th National Film Awards. During the lockdown caused due to the pandemic, where boredom has struck upon all, his movie fits perfectly in the to-watch list of the audience.

Since KGF:Chapter 1 released on Amazon video, a lot more people have had the chance to watch the film now during the lockdown. People who didnt get to watch the film during its theatrical release, have been binge watching on OTT platform.

Gaining popularity and a strong word of mouth again, a lot of people have reached out to Yash to tell him how they regret missing out on the film in theatres, promising to watch the part 2 on big screen only. The scenario has worked in the favour of the film as the second chapter is much in demand now than the previous film.

Superstar Yash is also known for his magnificent performances in the film Rajadhani, Mr. and Mrs. Ramachari, Kirataka. However, his performance in the film KGF: Chapter 1 was just exemplary and received admiration and appreciation pan-India so much so that the audience was awe-struck and could not wait for the sequel!

The actor has created humongous anticipation among the audience with his impactful performance in the film and the audience looks forward to the sequel of KGF. The next part stars Yash at the forefront with actor Sanjay Dutt so make sure to watch!