The Art that melts hearts; Photographer Nisheeth Bhatt presents ‘The Melted Core’

The Art that melts hearts; Photographer Nisheeth Bhatt presents ‘The Melted Core’

After showcasing two hugely successful photography exhibitions, Nisheeth Bhatt brings back his fascinating piece of art through ‘The Melted Core’ to be on display at the Jehangir Art Gallery.

Picturesque, scenic & quaint places have inspired the Chandigarh born photographer Nisheeth Bhatt that has been well depicted in his earlier exuberant photography exhibits & The Melted Core is the next to be put up for an extravagant display at the Jehangir Art Gallery.

Serene, detailed & majestic is what describes Nisheeth’s photography, apparently a 5 hour flight delay & the melting snow forming a lake at the core of a barren mountain range caught the creative eye & thus came into being the name ‘The Melted Core’, Nisheeth calls it serendipity, “Camera has been my constant & Faithful companion that has taken me places. Photography is the only language that can be understood anywhere in the world. For me it is the language of love. The Melted Core is another attempt to bring the people closer to world’s epicurean things. I want them to see what my eyes saw & Trust me it is breathtakingly beautiful.”

The Melted Core will be up for display at the Jehangir Art Gallery, Nisheeth Bhatt wants to make an attempt to reach people with his photography message ‘What pictures says & also what pictures do not say’; a whole new viewpoint from his perspective bringing to the art connoisseurs brilliant pictures that speak beyond what it looks like in the first glance only to find out the interesting tale behind every picture.

Nisheeth Bhatt’s photography garnered humongous success in his earlier attempts at two of his highly acclaimed exhibits ‘Anavarit’ at India Habitat Center; New Delhi & ‘The Nude Tree’ at Government Art Gallery & Museum; Chandigarh.

‘Photographs give me something to remember,’ Nisheeth reminisces about his travel stories that has been captured by his lens, “I have extensively travelled from Great wall of China to Scottish Castles, Lahore Streets to London Squares, Siachin Glacier to Andaman; it is my camera that has taken me there. It will continue & I’ll share my travel diaries with the world through my photography.”

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