The Accidental Prime Minister is a story to watch out for !!!

The Accidental Prime Minister is a story to watch out for !!!

The Accidental Prime Minister is a story to watch out for !!!

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Film – The Accidental Prime Minister

Producer – Bohra Bros & Dhaval Gada , Jayantilal Gada (Pen Films)

Directed by Vijay Ratnakar Gutte

Cast – Anupam Kher , Akshaye Khanna, Suzzanne Bernert, 

Rating : ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Stars

The Accidental Prime Minister presents one of the most accurately executed first person Account of our ex PM Dr. Manmohan Singh. An untold story very minutely and honestly written leaving no stone unturned covering all major aspects of Dr. Singh’s tenure as one of the most coveted and powerful yet reluctant Prime Minister of one of the largest democracy in the period between 2004 – 2014.

Sanjaya Baru who was the personal Media Advisor to the PM had the close proximity irrespective of so many bureaucrats and secretary levels meandering around. Dr. Singh had high Regards for his integrity and sincerity and high media insight. He always treated him like a family and was instrumental in drafting all the major speeches and media notes of Dr. Singh for 4 years and even quite often when he was not there for some time in between.

Anupam Kher as Dr. Singh has given his cent percent towards emulating voice, diction and appearance. The undeniably striking resemblance of the actors look and body language ends up being eerily similar to Mr. Manmohan Singh the former PM with his usual turban and white beard and typical walking style and posture. Emulating Dr. Singh who’s devoid of any expressions whatsoever and especially his helplessness in certain situations and the pressures of the High Post with its immense responsibilities was not easy. But for an actor who can deliver endless looks and express various emotions this time on with studied silence Mr. Kher was bang on. He is just splendidly superlative and this performance is an icing on the cake from among 515 films he has done till date both National and International and other Regional languages.

Traler Launch of The Accidental Prime Minister !

To complement his character Sanjaya Baru enacted by Akshaye Khanna is a treat to watch. How wonderfully he adapts himself is simply too good. There are situations where his concern for the PM is so obvious that he could not control himself comes across very naturally to maximum effect. His light humour approach to the character adds to soften the intensity of the job he is assigned to execute.
Of the ensemble cast Suzanne Bernert comes across quite convincingly as Mrs. Sonia Gandhi than INC India President, where as the rest of the Ministers , Bureaucrats, Secretaries and leaders from the Opposition parties are the caricatures of their original counterparts and have filled in quite commendably to make this whole narrative a consumable fare.
The whole credit for making all this happen goes to Director Vijay Gutte for masterfully executing this Biopic on Dr. Manmohan Singh our former PM of India.
A must watch true to life adaptation of Sanjaya Baru’s masterpiece “The Accidental Prime Minister “.

Traler Launch of The Accidental Prime Minister