The 19th Edition of IIFA Weekend & Awards kick-started with the Voting Weekend

The 19th Edition of IIFA Weekend & Awards kick-started with the Voting Weekend 

Shahid Kapoor at IIFA Voting Weekend 2018

IIFA Voting Weekend Day  saw members of the Indian Film Industry such as Anil Kapoor, Shahid Kapoor and Anupam Kher, who came forward to vote for their peers.

Anil Kapoor at IIFA Voting Weekend 2018

The International Indian Film Academy is a first-of-its-kind effort to promote Indian Cinema globally. Fans of Indian cinema from all over the world converge to celebrate Indian cinema, whereas millions worldwide catch the telecast from the comforts of their home. On its journey of celebrating Indian Cinema across the world, IIFA has spread the magic of Indian cinema to various exotic locales around the world.

Anupam Kher at IIFA Voting Weekend 2018

The awards process is completely transparent and winners are voted for in a completely democratic manner.

The Award Categories are:
Popular Awards (For Artistic Excellence)
Technical Awards (For Technical Excellence)

The process of deciding the winners is detailed in various stages:

Application stage
During this stage, the IIFA Awards application forms are advertised in all the film trade magazines and are available for distribution to film producers. Only film producers can apply and nominate the entries for the relevant awards. After the receipt of the application forms, the IIFA Management forwards them to the process validators, who ensure that the submitted films are eligible for application.

Voting Weekend
The nominees are then put to vote before members of the Indian Film Industry at the official IIFA Voting Weekend, which are monitored and managed by process validators. The votes are collated & compiled by process validators who then announce:
-Winners of the Technical Awards
-Nominations of the Popular Awards

Global Voting
The nominations of the Popular Awards category are put up for public voting via the IIFA website. Process validators compiled the votes and arrives at the winners. The results are kept confidential and declared for the first time when the sealed envelope is opened on-stage before a live television audience during the IIFA Awards presentation ceremony.

IIFA - logo

About IIFA (International Indian Film Academy):

Conceptualized and produced by Wizcraft International Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. and supported by the key members of the Indian film fraternity, IIFA is the most appreciated South Asian film academy and a global platform that gives the Indian film fraternity an opportunity to reach audiences in international territories. The alliances made via the platform of IIFA provide huge benefits and gain to India but an equally important objective of this prestigious brand is to create similar outcomes in its host country.  The aim is to establish a system of mutual benefit to both India as well as the host destinations by boosting tourism, economic development, trade, culture, cross-border investments and film co-productions.

Wizcraft International Entertainment Pvt. Ltd promotes the IIFA Weekend & Awards globally each year and travel to new, exciting and beautiful destinations, taking the film fraternity with it to unite and celebrate the best of Indian film and culture, thereby taking Indian Cinema& India to a wider audience.