Teri Meri Kahaani – Film Review

Where is the Kahaani ?

Film: Teri Meri Kahaani – Film Review
Producer: Kunal Kohli, Vicky Bahri, Sunil Lulla.
Director: Kunal Kohli
Cast: Shahid Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra, Prachi Desai, Neha Sharma.


Where is the Kahaani?

Okay! Understood that it is not about reincarnation, but yet unfolding 3 love
stories in three different periods spread over 102 years to be specific, seems
far stretched and dragging, what with the same couple falling in love all the
time, because of their pledges to be Janam Janam ke Sathi!
One can understand trying new ideas, new plotlines, or adding new
dimensions, but here Kunal Kohli’s dilemma appears to be where and how
to end the continuing saga of love stories, so as to complete the whole love
story. Now let’s say even if Kunal is planning to experiment, even than there
has to be some chronological order! Just imagine he begins with 1960’s
love genre, transitioning to 1912 straightaway in UK. Till this point fine, but
again jumping 100 years and going back to 1910! Incredulous! What a Jump
Cut!!! How do you expect a person who is in 2012 mode and frame of mind
and watching and enjoying the film, to suddenly be woken out of a state
of dream and take him back in the reverse the whole of 100 good years!!!
Where is the connect? Just for the sake of creating eternal love stories,
change of costumes and creating period settings does not consolidate your
angle to the love take!
Kunal Kohli could have shot the same love story extended in one
period without losing the thread of continuity and would have been able to
create a real and truly involving saga of two love lorn youngsters ultimately
finding their love, what even if it takes them some few years, where you
could have shown them in three different environments of Punjab, Mumbai
and UK.
There is no point in discussing the threadbare of the story, instead
lets start analyzing the pluses of this neither Teri or Meri or anybody’s

Kahaani, but the Kahaani of Shahid Kapoor 1 (Govind), SK 2 (Krish),
& SK 3 (Javed), and Priyanka Chopra 1 (Rukshar), PC 2 (Meera), PC 3
(Aradhana). Both have managed to give life to some extent to all their
characterizations, quite smoothly, taking into consideration the beautiful
chemistry between the two, which was last seen in Kaminey, working
full blast. They really look cute and lovable and create those memorable
two piece couple shots a visual treat! But the real knockout punch comes
from Shahid as Javed and Priyanka as Aradhana. The Pre Independence
period and part there of, the way it is shown, where were such jails with
every prisoner having their loved ones or some female counterpart to help
them out in jail. The colorful Bhangra number totally out of place and not
realistic at all, but yet these two portrayals of Javed and Aradhana stand
out strongly.Prachi Desai as Maahi and Neha Sharma as Meera have done
their bit with beautiful cameos very well enacted. Music by Sajid and Wajid
may not be outstanding, but the numbers “Mukhtasar….sung by Wajid,
Allah Jaane….. Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Jabse Mere Dil Ko Uff…Sonu Nigam
and Sunidhi Chauhan, and that’s All I wanna do…by Shaan and Shreya
Ghosal are really hummable. Lyrics by Prasoon Joshi add to the flavor.
Camerawork by Sunil Patel is really praiseworthy in trying to capture some
beautiful visuals and balancing the periods with authentic touches and help
from creative artiste Muneesh Sappel (Dor, Paheli, Pinjar), who is equally
effective with his periodical set pieces fine tuned by and well researched
costume designs by Manish Malhotra and Kunal Rawal.
All in All only if Kunal Kohli decides to get original in his ideas
and execution thereof, will he be able to connect with masses at large.
Just go and watch it if you want an overdose of Shahid Kapoor
and Priyanka Chopra’s (3 in 1) package of love drama, or else for some
really good and hummable choreographed musical numbers!!!