Telugu Film “THEATRE LO” successful in enthralling Theatre audience with One-of-a-kind Experience

Telugu Film “THEATRE LO” successful in enthralling Theatre audience with One-of-a-kind Experience

One-of-its-kind film will counter piracy because those watching pirated versions will have to come back to a Theatre and watch “theatre lo” to experience the unique plot

A Theatre…Four guys…A Journey…A Twist, Destination – Take a seat before they ‘shiver’ your spine! Producer Sai Kiran Mukkamala presents Telugu film ‘Theatre Lo’, a Maantrix Media Works film, a spine chilling thriller ( released in Andhra Pradesh & Tamil Nadu on June 7th, 2013.

Based on a concept by the Producer, the whole concept of the cult film “Theatre Lo” is to make the theatre audiences feel ‘the most involved’ to deliver a unique experience. The screenplay communicates with the theatre audience….and finally the theatre audience will find themselves in the same situation as the characters on screen. And the plot of the acclaimed Comedy-Horror-Thriller genre film is so exciting that several national and international buyers and agents are now making a bid for acquiring the Dubbing and Remake rights of the film.

Producer Sai Kiran Mukkamala confirms, “The international(US) remake rights for the English version were  sold even before the theatre release and this was a first in the Telugu film industry. The dubbing/satellite rights for Tamil & Malayalam versions have been already sold. An NRI has bought the English remake rights of the film for the US. The Concept being universal, we have been getting several bids from different parts of the world. I feel the film’s unique topic should have a wide reach and only a Hindi film star can elevate it to the next level of awareness.”

The film “Theatre Lo” stars fresh faces – Srikanth Raghava, Varun Abhishai, Dheeraj, Moulika and Kannada heroine Shwetha Pandit. Shwetha Pandit was seen in ‘Paramaatma’ (released), ‘Case No 18/9′ (yet to release) and has been a contestant (finalist) in BIG BOSS–Kannada hosted by actor Sudeep. Comedian Shankar known from the Telugu comedy show  “Jabardast” and famous for his Ram Gopal Varma imitation in Telugu Film Industry, is also a part of the cast. The film has been directed by debutante Srinivasa Raju Dendukuri. The DOP is Sd Jaan (Cousin of  Jhonny Lal & Amir Lal), Editor – SR Shekhar (‘Buddah Hoga Tera Baap’) and music is by Chinna. The concept is by the Producer Sai Kiran Mukkamala.

The plot is as follows: A horror movie is being screened in a movie theatre…..There are four lead male characters in the horror film that is being screened……A situation arises in the horror film where a character dies in a particular location/situation…..Immediately after that a character sitting in the theatre dies at the same location/situation…..Now is when the audience (we/us) will find ourselves in the same situation/location as the two characters that died ONSCREEN. The story continues with characters dying in the horror and immediate deaths in the Theatre….Multiple Situations in the Screenplay where theatre audience will find themselves in the same situation as the characters ONSCREEN. It makes sense for characters to die in a Movie(horror), But what is happening to  the characters who are watching that horror movie in a Theatre…..What happened and Why?? So…that is what the story is all about. No Songs….First Half Full of Comedy….Second Half Full of Suspense/Horror.

Producer Sai Kiran Mukkamala explains, “The logic behind making this film is to create a story around a movie theatre. Movie theatres today are common in any part of the world…..And for a product advertisement, the movie audiences are the best captive audiences. So, why not make a movie with the main location as a movie theatre… that the  final audience feel the CONNECTION between themselves and the characters in the theatre….The logic was to connect audiences to the content on the screen…..Moreover this might be the only movie made on the planet whose theatre collections will not be hurt because of piracy…..That’s because a person who watches the pirated content of this film will have to COME BACK TO A THEATRE NEARBY to  EXPERIENCE IT.”