Tears roll out as the finalists get a glimpse of their journey in the Bigg Boss house

Bigg Boss- Synopsis _Day 138

Synopsis 138 (6) - Vicky Kaushal

Tears roll out as the finalists get a glimpse of their journey in the Bigg Boss house 

 BB (2)- Siddhartha

Bigg Boss season 13 has seen an exciting mix of both entertaining and nerve-racking moments that have enthralled audiences for more than 130 days. The nervousness builds among the contestants as actor Vicky Kaushal enters the house to not only spook out the contestants and but also announce a surprise elimination. He informs the housemates that it is time that one person out of Aarti, Shehnaz and Mahira will end their journey today. The lights go off and the contestants are allotted numbers which they have to place a black cloth on a stand. Whichever contestant’s number Vicky will aim the light at will be eliminated.

 Synopsis 138 (3) - Aarti

After surviving through all the highs and lows, the top 6 contestants get a chance to relive their entire journey. The viewers have been an integral part of their journey and hence the showcase is done in the presence of the contestants’ fans and supporters. As Aarti’s journey is projected, she gets emotional and thanks Bigg Boss for an exceptional experience.

Synopsis 138 (2)- Aarti-

Tears stream down her cheeks when she sees herself ‘Independent Aarti’ being flashed onto the screen. It was now time for the contestant who is bestowed with the title of ‘Badshaah’ of the Bigg Boss house, Sidharth Shukla. Sidharth gets emotional as he watches his journey and relives every moment. From his fights with Rashami and Paras to his brotherly bond with Asim brings tears in his eyes. Upon seeing his moments with  Shehnaz , a wide smile forms on Sidharth’s face.

 Synopsis 138 (7)

Who bids adieu to the Bigg Boss house tonight?