Tata I-Shakti Besan to break world record; offers over 8.5 tonne Besan Ladoo to Andhericha Raja Ganpati

Tata I-Shakti Besan to break world record; offers over 8.5 tonne Besan Ladoo to Andhericha Raja Ganpati

Actress Raveen Tandon graces the occasion and distributes the Maha Prasad to devotee

Tata I-Shakti Besan Maha Ladoo weighs 8645 kgs and is over 6 feet in height

Tata I-Shakti Besan today offered the World’s Biggest Ladoo on the special occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi festival at Andhericha Raja Ganesh Pandal. Weighing 8645 kgs and standing well over 6 feet tall, the Maha offering was a sight to behold at Mumbai’s most celebrated festival, Ganesh Chaturthi. This Maha Ladoo is a perfect offering for Lord Ganesha, who is quite fond of eating sweets and delicacies himself and marks the landmark celebration of the 50th anniversary year of Andhericha Raja.


Specially crafted for the occasion with low oil absorb Tata I-Shakti Besan, the Maha Ladoo was lovingly prepared by a team of 35 handpicked cooks and 7 supervisors from Tata I-Shakti over a period of 5 days. Aiming to create a world record for the biggest ladoo, the Tata I-Shakti Besan Maha Ladoo has been prepared using 4250 kgs of sugar, 4000 kgs of Tata I-Shakti low oil absorb besan, 3000 kgs of ghee, 35 kgs of cardamom and measures approximately 6 feet in height. Placed in a specifically constructed food grade stainless steel bowl with a metallic coating, the Maha Ladoo caught the wonder and marvel of many bystanders. The ladoo was brought in a covered truck and assembled at the venue and has been carefully protected and ventilated with air conditioner on all sides in order to ensure safety and hygiene standards. In the true spirit of the festival known for ladoo delicacies, this Maha Ladoo was offered to Lord Ganesha by actress Raveena Tandon and later distributed amongst his devotees.


Speaking on the Tata I-Shakti Besan Maha Ladoo initiative, Amit Sridharan, Head – Pulses Business, Tata Chemicals Ltd stated, “We at Tata I-Shakti are extremely honoured to present the World’s Biggest Ladoo to Lord Ganesha and his devotees. This is the first time we are attempting an initiative at this scale and the king size ladoo can be relished by one and all who visit the Andhericha Raja pandal this year. As compared to regular besan, Tata i-Shakti Besan is low oil absorbing and is made out of 100% unpolished chana dal. This makes it an ideal choice for our favourite snacks such as pakoras and sweets. The Tata I-Shakti team is extremely excited to have presented this larger than life offering to Mumbaikars and wishes everyone a Happy Ganesh Chaturthi.” 


Speaking on the occasion, Actress Raveen Tandon stated, “Ganesh Utsav is a time for joy and celebration, and what better way to mark this auspicious occasion than with the remarkable World’s Biggest Ladoo! Weighing at 8645 kgs, this incredible feat by the Tata I-Shakti team will perhaps break all previous world records and I wish them the very best in their endeavor. I am pleased to be associated with this initiative of Tata I-Shakti, a brand that offers healthy products like low oil absorb besan keeping in line with the changing lifestyle and preferences of consumers. As a consumer, I am extremely health conscious and prefer only the best product that’s available in the market.”


Inviting Mumbaikars to be a part of the much awaited Ganpati celebrations, Tata I-Shakti is conducting a unique contest where devotees can share witty captions for the ladoo using #MahaLadoo and #TataIshakti hashtags and win exciting prices.


Available across the country, Tata I-Shakti is one of the first nationally available brand in the category of unpolished dals and besan. With a strong focus on nutrition, the brand delivers high protein and does not go through any artificial polishing process. The low oil absorb besan made out of 100% unpolished chana dals naturally absorbs less oil in your favorite snack as compared to regular besan available in the market. The brand takes special care to conserve the inherent quality of the pulses and its nutrients, which ensures delivery of premium products to the consumers.