Symposium on “Role of Animal Agriculture in Doubling the farmers income” inaugurated

Symposium on “Role of Animal Agriculture in Doubling the farmers  income”  inaugurated

Symposium on “Role of Animal Agriculture in Doubling the farmers income” inaugurated-

By 2020, income of framers should be doubled- Radha Mohan Singh

Union Agriculture and farmers welfare  Minister Shri Radha Mohan Singh has emphasized that in order to double the income of farmers by 2022, they should take up livestock farming, which has immense potential in the State. He was speaking on the occasion of the Golden Jubilee Celebration 2017 of Compound Livestock Feed Manufacturers Association (CLFMA) in Mumbai today.

He further said that, In an effort to boost the agriculture sector, the Indian Government has set an ambitious goal to double farmer’s income by 2022. In doing so, it has unveiled strategies ranging from irrigation to crop insurance. This will require new approaches and innovations, as well as increasing collaboration between the private sector and other stakeholders in the food system. It will require integrated value chains that connect farm to fork, competitive markets that provide better prices to farmers, and an enabling environment that supports innovation and action.

Symposium on “Role of Animal Agriculture in Doubling the farmers income” inaugurated

In India, several key States are developing Public Private Partnership platforms, including in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Maharashtra. Supported by the World Economic Forum’s New Vision for Agriculture initiative, these State-level projects bring together government, private sector, farmers organizations and civil society to jointly develop solutions for integrated value-chain projects that will provide farmers with more and better opportunities.

The Minister said “We need to encourage farmers to diversify in fields like horticulture, fisheries, fruit bearing plants, trees and livestock farming, which can easily multiply farmer’s income. Farmers require technical know-how and information about whatever is being done for them. We will have to ensure that they get right support, help and encouragement to go for alternative farming.

There are currently more than 20 organizations engaged in these State partnerships, ranging from processors to retailers, multinational corporations to local enterprises. There is a strong commitment from the Industry to support this model though business leadership and support, he said.

Backgrounder- About Compound Livestock Feed Manufacturers Association (CLFMA)

Compound Livestock Feed Manufacturers Association of India (CLFMA) was established in the year 1967 with 233 members and is the representative of the entire livestock, poultry and aquaculture industry in India. This sector contributes 4% to the total GDP of the country and contributes 27% to the agriculture GDP. The poultry sector is an important driver of ensuring protein security for the common man. It also provides livelihood to 2 crore small and marginal farmers.