Sushant Singh Rajput delivers an inspiring talk at Algebra !

Sushant Singh Rajput delivers an inspiring talk at Algebra !


The posterboy of achieving the great Indian dream , Sushant Singh Rajput, was recently invited to speak at a special session at an arts and culture club called Algebra.

The special chat hosted by the Delhi based club encouraged great conversation and nuanced thinking and Sushant was happy to join the session as he stressed on the importance of education, a subject that is extremely close to his heart.

Says a source, “ Sushant talked about how the choices he has made so far have helped him get to where he is in life and career. Since education is extremely close to his heart, Sushant also spoke about that and how he has always believed in the power of education.Since he dropped out of engineering college to pursue his cinema dreams, the actor also discussed how difficult it was to leave something you are good at and pursue something that comes with no surety”.

When contacted said Sushant, “It was a thoroughly engaging session at Algebra. It was an evening filled with great conversation with some of the leading minds in the business.