Superstar Hrithik Roshan brings new direction to a fan’s life.

Superstar Hrithik Roshan brings new direction to a fan’s life.
Gaurav Oswal, an ardent Hrithik Roshan fan was spotted by the superstar standing outside his residence gate 10 years ago. 

Sources reveal that the fan who wasn’t financially well off, would stand outside the superstar’s gate ,for days on end . Hrithik being the compassionate and large hearted star that he is ,took time out despite his hectic schedule ,met the fan and spoke to him at length about his thoughts on life and career. Hrithik saw the potential in him and groomed him into a secure, successful individual who today stands on his own feet.After years of coaching and encouraging his talent , Gaurav today,10 years later is a successful interior designer.

If that wasn’t all, the superstar also gave Gaurav the opportunity to design and work on his current home.

Says a source, ” Hrithik spotted Gaurav outside his gate 10 years ago and decided to sit him down and have a chat about  direction in his life.He saw the potential that the fan had and the enthusiasm with which he wanted to make something of his life. Not only did Hrithik encourage him but has also given him an opportunity to design and work on his current home as he wanted to encourage and support him in every way possible”.

Talking about his mentor says Gaurav, “I cried the day I met him over a decade ago.He has inspired and motivated me in so many ways.Its a very proud moment for me to do up his house”.

When contacted Hrithik Roshan said , ” I think Gaurav is an example and an inspiration for millions others out there.”