Sunny Leone apologizes to Sunny Deol for ‘the horrible, weird jokes’

Sunny Leone apologizes to Sunny Deol for ‘the horrible, weird jokes’

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Sunny Leone has said “sorry” to Sunny Deol for the jokes on the two which are doing the rounds, and has even taken responsibility for them. “Mr. Sunny Deol, I just wanna say that I am so sorry, mujhe maaf kar do, kyunke itne horrible, weird jokes ho gaye aapke aur mere uparmeri wajah se. So I am sorry.” (Please forgive me, because of the many horrible, weird jokes on you and about me – all because of me). She sent out this message while speaking about her upcoming adult comedy film Mastizaade on hotstar’s Malishka-anchored show M Bole Toh.

It was like a reveal-all conversation which saw Sunny reminisce about her childhood, divulging never-before details about her personal life, past and present, including the story of how she was wooed by husband Daniel, her advice for sex addicts, her idea of an ideal man, whether she thinks Indians have double standards on sex, what it takes for a woman to wear a bikini regardless of size, and more.

“I wasn’t popular; In fact there is a picture of mine floating around on the internet, which has me in a unibrow and hair all over the place! I didn’t really discover myself until I turned 19. I used to play with GI Joes and not Barbies!  I never thought of myself as hot or sexy.”

Sunny comes through with disarming honesty and poise, even as her fun-loving, girl-next-door personality shines through the interaction on M Bole Toh. She can also be seen indulging in some fun-filled activities and games on M Bole Toh, which is now live on

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Since Sunny plays a teacher to a sex addict group in Mastizaade, she shares her definition of a sex addict and also sums it up with a bit of advice: “I think if it takes over your mind and your ability to have a normal life, then the person is a sex addict and should seek help.”

What kind of a guy would be Sunny’s ideal man? She says, “For me it has to be the whole package. It’s not just about being funny. They should have a sense of humour, they should take care of their bodies, groom themselves, and have their own sense of style. There is nothing nicer than a guy who knows his sense of style, knows what he wants, and not a guy who needs his girlfriend to say wear this T shirt and these jeans, here’re your shoes, your socks, your sneakers, out you go!”

She speaks about her marriage with Daniel, how he wooed her, and about their wedding at a Gurudwara. “Daniel is hot, sweet, funny and makes me laugh all day. We’ve been together for eight years now, and have been married for five. We got married in a Gurudwara and had a very traditional Punjabi wedding. He still turns red when I talk about him.

“Daniel is more the romantic one than I am. He definitely worked to get my attention – wherever I’d go… to a restaurant or anywhere else… he would send a dozen roses or a box of chocolates, and then when I used to go home, I’d find flowers on the steps. He was a borderline stalker! It had never happened with me before that a guy tried so much or made so many efforts to impress me. He would write me beautiful letters and stuff. At the end of the day, a girl wants a prince who treats her like a princess.”

Clearly still in love, Sunny also talks about the tradition of Karva Chauth: “I don’t keep (the) Karva Chauth (fast) for Daniel as we are more spiritual than religious.”

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On being asked if Indians have double standards towards sex, Sunny says gracefully, “I think that people are a lot more accepting, a lot more open minded than we give them credit for; I am a walking proof of that. If people had double standards and were this way, I wouldn’t have been here.”

Sunny, on being asked for tips to maintain a bikini body, says: “I normally eat healthy khana, and work out a lot. But I think for a woman to be in a bikini, whatever the size,  it takes guts and a little bit of courage and confidence,” she said on a segment of the popular show.

Sunny also urges women to embrace their bodies and let go of their inhibitions. “Just love your body; who cares what size you are?! The whole world knows I have curves, so one just has to embrace it. I have been to places where I see short women, tall women, skinny women, in their bikinis. They are happy, they are proud, strutting their stuff, having a good time. I think you just have to let go.”

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