Film titled” AFRA TAFRI” directed by Haadi Ali Abbrar is a joint venture and is being produced by Krishan Chaudhary, Vipin Jain under the banner of Ikkon Films & Prashant Sharma’s Goose Bumps Productions staring govinda and mughdha godse. The film also stars Sunil Shetty,Arya Babbar, Yuvika Chaudhary,Gulshan Grover, Aswini Kelsekar, Mukul Dev, Rakhi Tandon, Gargi Patel & Himarsha Venkatsa and it is also introducing south siren Vimala Raman.

While shooting for “AFRA TAFRI” in Thailand Sunil Shetty planned to play a prank on Yuvika Chaudhary, he went in her vanity van and informed her that, the action director wants her to perform a car stunt, where she won’t be getting any dummy for it, and had to perform it all by herself. She was in a deep shock hearing this from Sunil. She hurriedly went out her vanity van to meet the Action director, as to confirm whether what she heard was true. When she asked him about it he replied her in “Cantonese” which is a Chinese language as he did not know English, and Yuvika didn’t understand a thing out of what he said. She tried her best to explain him that she won’t be able to perform the stunt, and he use to have a question mark expression on his face which used to embarrass yuvika a lot, and their conversation used to go nowhere, as both were not able to understand each other.

This was going on for couple of days as she always went up to him, trying to explain him about not doing the stunt, and he always used to reply something which yuvika could’nt understand, after few days of this drama, one fine day he replied her in Hindi, and explained her that it was just a prank, and he only did what Sunil told him to do and he himself is a Maharashtrian, hearing this Yuvika broke in to laughter.