Sunil Grover’s comedy is a stress buster for his fans

Sunil Grover’s comedy is a stress buster for his fans

Sunil Grover

Actor and comedian Sunil Grover is loved by many for his comedy. He is not only one of the most loved comedians of our country, but his comedy has also helped people overcome severe tension and chronic depression.

When the actor was in Dubai recently, prepping up for a live stage performance, a lady walked up to him, surprised him with a hug and a warm “thank you” for getting her out of depression. “As an actor, one doesn’t realise the impact one has on the lives of others because we’re mostly working in a closed environment like a studio. But it’s beautiful when you see the smiles you bring to the faces of people,” Sunil admits.

He reveals that this wasn’t the first time this has happened to him. “A few days ago, I was waiting to catch a flight in the airport lounge when a lady came up to me and confided that she used to have 100 mg of depression pills, the dosage has now gone down to 10 mg because of my TV shows and live acts. Over time I have realised that humour de-stresses people. For me, comedy’s a medicine and the one who makes you laugh, a pharmacy,”

Sunil was recently seen in Bharat and was immensely appreciated for his performance in the film.