Sula Vineyards announces the launch of limited edition Rasa Shiraz 2011 in Goa


Sula Vineyards announces the launch of limited edition Rasa Shiraz 2011 in Goa !

Mumbai, November, 2012: Produced only in the best years, Sula Vineyards, the country’s largest leading premium wine producer strengthen its portfolio in Goa as it introduces the Rasa Shiraz 2011 and Balvenie Single Malt Whisky.

Rajeev Samant, CEO – Sula Vineyards hosted an exclusive soiree at Simply Grill, The Marriott, Miramar in attendance to Dattraj Salgaocar, Portuguese Consul General Antonio Sabido Costa, Francisco Sardinia, DJ Sasha, Yahel Chirinian, Cecilia Oldne, Dr. Caro Gracias, Bina Ramani, Suraj Morajkar, Ritwik Bhattacharya and Bandana Tiwari among other privileged guests. The Marriott’s GM Pavithran Nambiar also attended the event on a night off.

The invite sent out gave the guests a hint of what the evening would revile, saying “The sun shines even brighter in Goa this season.. Please join us in celebrating new launches, awards and the upcoming season. Come shine with us!” And how the guests shined together with Rajeev by the beautiful poolside Simply Grill this unforgettable night.

Rasa Shiraz 2011 – Rasa Shiraz 2011 is the finest red wine ever to be produced from the estate vineyards of Sula. It is a complex wine, with power and finesse. RASA will only be produced in the best vintage years. Only 800 cases of the RASA 2007 wine were produced, making this a collector’s edition wine. At INR 1,100/- and would be distributed by Brian of Pickval Traders, which will retail at – Newton, Vaz and Delffinos.

During the course of the evening, Rajeev Samant also announced the launch of Balvenie Single Malt Whisky. This is the world’s most handcrafted Single Malt and distributed by Sula Vineyards’ import arm Sula Selections exclusively in India. Rajeev Samant, CEO of Sula Vineyards said,” We believe Rasa is the best wine produced in India so far”

About SULA Vineyards
Sula Vineyards has quickly gained a reputation as India’s #1 premium wine company since the launch of the company’s first wines in 2000. Today, Sula Vineyards’ award-winning wines are available nationwide at the finest hotels and restaurants, and are also exported to Asia, Europe and the United States.

Over the years Sula has pioneered many classic grape varietals in India like Sauvignon and Chenin Blanc in 2000, Zinfandel in 2001 and Riesling in 2008. In 2005, Sula launched its first reserve wine, the Dindori Reserve Shiraz, as well as India’s first dessert wine, the Late Harvest Chenin Blanc.

The company is also a leading wine importer under the umbrella of Sula Selections, with a portfolio of prestigious brands from leading producers like Remy Cointreau, William Grant and Sons, Hardys, Chianti Ruffino and Asahi Beer.

The winery is open to the public for tours, and the beautiful Tasting Room invites visitors to enjoy their favorite Sula wines amidst spectacular views of the vineyards and surrounding lakes and hills.

Firmly committed to remaining at the forefront of Indian wines, Sula continues to experiment with new varietals, engage in sustainable agriculture, support the local rural economy, and, of course, make wines of outstanding quality and superb value.