Sula Satori Merlot Malbec The art of wine

Sula Satori Merlot Malbec

The art of wine


“Satori –  a Zen term meaning “sudden enlightenment”, is a dance of the senses and a revelation of the spirit for me” – says renowned Indian artist Jaideep Mehrotra, who was commissioned to create the beautiful painting that is now the Satori label.

Merlot and Malbec are the two grape varietals that go into the blend which is already established and known in Bordeaux wines. The pair is often referred to as the mini-Bordeaux blend and has quickly gained popularity in winemaking among New World Wine Regions.


The marriage of the juicy Merlot with the dark-skinned Malbec grapes results in a wine with rich luscious fruitiness and great structures. It is a perfect match of two grapes that truly compliments each other. For where the Malbec adds depth as the more expressive varietal, the Merlot smoothens it up by giving the wine a more fruit-forwarded and silky style.

The grapes for Satori are grown on the sunny slopes of Sula’s very own estate vineyards in Nashik Valley. They are carefully picked by hand in the beginning of March. After crushing the grapes the “painting is only half painted” and Sula’s winemakers are their own artists.

This red wine is a medium bodied with hints of black cherries, cinnamon and ripe fruit. It is a well-structured, easy drinking wine that is smooth on the palate. A food friendly wine that goes especially well with our Indian cuisine. Pair this wine with tikkas, kebabs or curry preparations to fully experience the best it has to offer.