Sujit K Singh talking to me !

“People today refuse tosee the problems in life and want to escape”

Sujit KSingh in today’s bollywood era is coming up as a promising writer and adirector. Known especially for making hit radiospots like ‘Babbar Sher’ and ‘Public-city’ to popular television shows like’Extra Shots’ and ‘Rang De Basanti – Salaam’, Sujit has a whole list ofachievements bagged in his basket of success. Plus his telefilm, ‘BalPrithviraj Chauhan’ was listed in the highest TRP garner, on the channel whenit premiered on Indian Television, although later in 2011, he moved on tomaking short films. ‘Talk to Me’, being his latest milestone, he narrates agist to the story, “Talk to Me is about awoman’s ordeal and the method she adopts to gather the courage to come to termswith a bitter truth. Also peopletoday refuse to see the problems in life and want to escape, the movieintroduces you to reality.” Sujit is one such director who keeps in mind the timewhen he is developing an idea, i.e. how much time would it take to narrate thestory? Applying the same principle to ‘Talk to Me’ when he started developingthe idea for this film, he realized that the story could be told in the mosteffective manner if he did not take up too much time. According to Sujitanything that’s good eventually finds an interested client, duration and genrethen is not so important in such cases because if the story is appealing anyoneand everyone would want to watch it and therefore presentation becomes animportant factor here. Further he adds “Shortfilms are commercially viable; it’s just that a lot of people are afraid oftrying out or doing new things. There is a huge market and an audience forshort films; unfortunately, we don’t have enough distributors, exhibitors forshort films, in India…” The film is doing a great job and has attainedappreciation from renowned personalities in India; Sujit plans on screening thefilm in about a 100 film festivals,in addition to that a worldwide theatrical release later in this year. Let’ssee how this goes for Sujit.