Subhash Ghai goes on floor with KAANCHI

 Subhash Ghai  goes on floor with KAANCHI

Subhash Ghai will start the shoot for his next  Kaanchi on 24th February 2013 at Film City, Mumbai. Kaanchi is a musical thriller and 5 songs have already been recorded for the film.

Commenting on directing after 4 yrs, Subhash Ghai said, ” I am too excited to make this film since this is a contemporary new age story with alot of energy and music … and actually today i feel  the same way that i felt when i started by first film Kalicharan. This script of mine has my lead actress do stunts which is a first in any one of my films, so you can imagine the drama and entertainment in it”.

He further added, ” I feel i am always best in a crisis situation. I still remember how much  pressure i was under after my film Trimurti flopped  and still i went ahead and made Pardes. One thing i can never compromise is the quality of my film making whatever the budget may be. I am glad  that  i am making a film i want to make it with a stellar cast including Rishi Kapoor n Mithun Chakrovarthy,Kartik Tiwari as a hero and Mishti as my new heroine in Bollywood . Kartik and Mishti both are extremely talented which i have seen them during my workshops with them .

We are set to release this movie on 15th August 2013  and thereafter i am going to work on a big star cast movie  in the year 2014.