Sri Devi and Boney Kapoor launches 1st ever IGBC Gold precertified green project “MaitreyaGreens” at Nashik

Sri Devi and Boney Kapoor launches 1st ever IGBC Gold precertified green project “MaitreyaGreens” at Nashik

The celebrity duo booked the flat on the inauguration day being the first customer of 10 acre property Maitreya Greens, and, performed the opening ceremony in the presence of Actor Milind Gunaji and CMD of Maitreya Group Ms. Varsha M. Satpalkar.

The city of Nashik is fast developing as a dynamic city with an ideal blend of ancient and modern touches; it is ranked as the 4th fastest growing city in India and 16th in the world; known for its forts, temples, IT, industries, fruits and education. Adding another feather in Nashik’s cap is Maitreya Realtors, a multi- faceted organization in the realty sector that has launched a 10 acre property for commercial and residential purposes called Maitreya Greens, an eco- friendly green housing project in Upper Nashik.  Maitreya Greens project is the 1st ever IGBC Gold precertified green project in Pathardi, Upper Nashik.

Speaking on this auspicious occasion,  Ms. Varsha M. Satpalkar, CMD of Maitreya Group said,” We graciously thank Ms. Sri Devi Kapoor, Mr. Boney Kapoor  and Mr. Milind Gunaji along with everyone who attended our event. As a company, it has been our aim to provide value and raise the standard of living of the people and we are very proud of launching our one of a kind project in the beautiful city of Nashik, leveraging our capabilities to build a green commercial and housing project. I am confident about the feedback on our project and look
forward to the same. ”

Commenting on the event, Ms. Sridevi Kapoor said, “It was an honor and a pleasure to be invited to launch the MaitreyaGreens project. Projects such as these are close to my heart, they  are helpful to sustain the environment and curb unnecessary wastage. I will be looking forward to coming and staying at my flat at greens, immersing myself in its natural environs.”

The project was inaugurated on a warm Sunday at Pathardi after an auspicious bhoomi pooja ceremony by renowned Actor Ms. Sridevi Kapoor and celebrated film producer Mr. Boney Kapoor along with the Actor Mr. Milind Gunaji. Following the pooja, Ms. Varsha M. Satpalkar, the CMD of Maitreya Group presented the illustrious couple of Sridevi and Boney Kapoor keys to a spectacular flat they booked at the new property in exchange for a cheque on stage.