Sony SAB’s new show Kaatelal & Sons Dare You to dream !

Sony SAB’s new show Kaatelal & Sons Dare You to dream !

Megha Chakraborty as Garima and Jiya Shankar as Susheela in Sony SAB's Kaatelal & Sons

So to say  “The show will inspire you to dream”, said Megha Chakraborty and Jiya Shankar from Kaatelal & Sons.

It’s often said if you can dream it, you can do it. Dreams and ambitions play a crucial role in our lives but the key difference in its success and failure is often described by the attempts one makes to fulfil it.

Dreams have no control, it knows no boundaries and it knows limits. Then why do we often define our dreams by the gender of the person?

Taking this thought forward and inspired by actual events, Sony SAB will bring the touching story of two sisters from Rohtak, Kaatelal & Sons, starting from November 16, 2020. The show features veteran actor Ashok Lokhande alongside the chirpy duo of Megha Chakraborty and Jiya Shankar.

Kaatelal & Sons is a true testament to Sony SAB’s philosophy to produce positive and progressive stories and inspire the audience with compelling content that touches people hearts.

Kaatelal & Sons is an inspirational journey of sisters, Garima (Megha Chakraborty) and Susheela (Jiya Shankar), who believe ‘Dreams know No Gender.’ As the show progresses, the audience will get a more in-depth insight into what it actually means, but let’s hear it from Megha and Sushila herself. 

Megha Chakraborty sharing her thoughts on the concept of the show said, “The concept of the show weaves in a beautiful thought that dreams know no gender. Kaatelal & Sons brings a light-hearted story blended with humour to inspire the dreamer in you. Garima and Susheela while coming from a small town in Haryana will bring about a question, if our pursuits and dreams in life should ever be restricted by gender? Like for example, a woman can be an ace barber, while a man can don the chef’s hat and prepare a lavish meal for the entire household. This show inspires this thought to look beyond the pre-conceived notions that we have. Even for me this show has been an eye opener on many levels and I am so glad to be portraying the role of Garima and living her life. If even one person gains the courage to pursue their dreams through Kaatelal & Sons, it will mean a lot to me. As they say, we can’t change our past, or predict our future. But we can shape our present.”

Jiya Shankar further added, “The show has a beautiful underlying message which my character Susheela rightly says ‘sapno ka koi gender nahi hota’. I have stepped entirely out of my comfort zone with this role and what I simply love about Susheela is the fact that she is courageous and challenges the set notions in the society. She isn’t a girl who fits into the set stereotypes. She weight lifts and undergoes training for boxing. The prospect of having an opportunity to inspire our women as Susheela was something I want to give my 100% to. The concept of the show is also something I truly believe in – which is un-gendering your dreams. Dreams do not have any gender and this show will bring this belief alive. “

The recently released promo of the show promises the audience a treat. A story that will not fail to impress along with characters that will not fail to inspire.

Kaatelal & Sons is set to begin from 16th November every Monday-Friday at 7:30 PM only on Sony SAB