Sony SAB presents ‘Mangalam Dangalam’, an ultimate love-hate saga between a Father and Son-in-Law ’

Sony SAB presents ‘Mangalam Dangalam’, an ultimate love-hate saga between a Father and Son-in-Law ’

Sony SAB - Manoj Joshi - Karanvir Sharma - Mangalam Dangalam (1)

Sony SAB has always kept viewers entertained with unique content and engrossing storylines. As an extension of the channel’s brand promise of ‘Haste Raho India’, Sony SAB now brings a brand new offering to its happiness bouquet – ‘Mangalam Dangalam – Kabhi Pyaar Kabhi Vaar’.

Nagarjuna Kutty or Arjun played by Karanvir Sharma, a handsome eligible bachelor who also is a lawyer, hails from an Indore-based South Indian family. He meets simple and free spirited – Rumi played by Manisha Rawat, a free spirited girl who is also rooted to her traditions. She has been raised like a princess by her father – an upper middle class shrewd businessman – and is very close to him, so much so, that she does not make any big decisions in her life without his consent. Arjun and Rumi fall in love with each other, but the situation gets difficult when Arjun has to convince Rumi’s father Sanjeev Saklecha played by Manoj Joshi for her hand in marriage. Thus begins a tug of war between Arjun and Sanjeev, where one wants to take Rumi   away and the other is adamant on making her stay back.

Sanjeev’s wife Sangeeta Saklecha (Anjali Gupta) is a housewife sans all enthusiasm. Arjun’s mother, Charulata Kutty (Anita Kulkarni), is a law professor in Indore, a strict mother and a conventionalist while his father – Venkatesh Kutty (Abhay Kulkarni) – is a retired lawyer and consultant who likes to spend most of his time practicing music and cracking jokes in front of Charulata. Other pivotal roles are played by Shubha Khote (Rumi’s grandmother), Kritika Sharma (Arjun’s sister) and Pravisht Mishra (Rumi’s brother).

A comedy-filled ride of goof ups, tiffs and adorable moments, ‘Mangalam Dangalam’ is all about the boy wooing and, hopefully, winning over his prospective father-in-law. ‘Mangalam Dangalam – Kabhi Pyaar Kabhi Vaar' coming soon on Sony SAB