Sony Entertainment Television revamps its channel packaging with vibrant and upbeat look!

Sony Entertainment Television revamps its channel packaging with vibrant and upbeat look!

Announcing its revamped new brand look today, Sony Entertainment Television reaffirmed its creative vision and content innovation. With design and thought converging to reinforce the vibrant cultural and thematic identity of the channel, the result is a refreshed, modern and distinctive new channel. The new look and feel will officially be seen by viewers across the world from primetime on Friday, 11th Oct, 2013.

SET’s new look embodies “hope and happiness” symbolizing progressiveness and grace, while being traditional and cultured, thus reflecting the smart and contemporary confidence of SET & its viewers. Embracing red,  blue and green as their signature colors, the new look gives a very lively and emotional touch to SET, that is spontaneous, humane and warm.

Renowned design studios, Ink Project based in Australia has helped create and advised the channel on its new look. Through its powerful shows, refreshing content and iconic characters, SET has successfully delivered its brand promise of providing a wholesome viewing experience for its consumers. This revamped look further propagates its brand philosophy of being fresh, innovative and progressive.

Mr. N.P. Singh, COO MSM, Pvt Ltd said, “Sony Entertainment Television is a brand which has always challenged itself to define the category through fresh content, appealing characters and powerful storylines all packaged in a vibrant look. The journey so far has been a well chalked out one, in terms of how we have evolved the brand and as a brand we have always endeavored to give our viewers what they want to watch, not just what we want them to watch.”

Ms. Sneha Rajani, Senior EVP and Business Head, SET said, “At Sony, we believe that this is the right time to infuse renewed vigor into the brand and reflect an identity which truly articulates our spirit. This revamped look is a celebration of hope and happiness thus reflecting the inherent ideology of the channel – being proud of our heritage yet living life to the fullest. We anticipate that our new look will only strengthen engagement & connect with our audiences.”

In the new brand identity spot, SET stars, are weightlessly captured against a dynamic backdrop of color and sound. The sparkle frames encircle the human action creating a bold, fresh look for SET. Red, blue & green colored particles converge to one point and dynamically sparkle to create the SET brand logo.

Since its launch in October 1995, SET has created significant marquee properties through an impressive lineup of programs ranging from the light-hearted to the supernatural, exploring various genres complemented by an explosive mix of glamorous events and Bollywood blockbusters. Known for its innovative concepts and exciting formats, Sony Entertainment Television reaches more than 95 million households in India.

As the preferred channel for the viewers and advertisers, SET continues to grow and evolve, increase brand loyalty and lead content innovation. SET is driven by creativity and innovation, yet deeply rooted in Indian heritage and values.