Sonu Nigam conferred with a Doctorate!

Sonu Nigam conferred with a Doctorate!

Sonu Nigam conferred with a Doctorate!-

Renowned singer Sonu Nigam received his first doctorate from the prestigious Theerthanker Mahaveer University, Moradabad in recognition of his outstanding contribution in the field of music and inspiring youth to follow a path to success. This is the first time the singer has received a doctorate, a true landmark in the singer’s journey.

Talking about this, a source close to the singer says, “Sonu is immensely inspiring not just with his music but his actions! He’s always chosen his projects that resonate with a larger objective than just entertainment. Besides his music, there is no count on the number of charitable shows he has done, and sung to unite people! He’s someone everybody always looks up to in the industry for his journey, his music, and the values he stands for as a person!”

Sonu Nigam conferred with a Doctorate-

Not many know that Sonu Nigam silently does a lot of charitable work through his mother’s Shobha Nigam Foundation supporting little kids with cancer on a monthly basis for the last many years. Sonu also supports extremely talented budding musicians who are felicitated in his mother’s name at Suresh Wadekar’s Ajivasan Music School.

Recently, Sonu’s concert in Dubai at Global Village was sold out with all 1,20,000 tickets flying off the shelf, making him the only artist in the world to sell out so many tickets in UAE region. For a capacity of 40-50,000 people, the venue outdid itself into a whopping 1,20,000 audience who were standing all through the concert cheering for Sonu! Over the years, Sonu has set numerous examples through this charitable participation be it generously reacting to situations to show his support or voice his opinions. He has been the goodwill ambassador for Fight Hunger Foundation, which works towards eliminating malnutrition in India. The singer came up with a single titled ‘Hope in the future,’ highlighting this issue. He also launched a transgender band called ‘6 Pack’ and lent his voice to a song by the group. Besides this, Sonu has done innumerable charity concerts to raise money for various issues.