Sonam Kapoor stands up for LGBTQ themed film

Sonam Kapoor stands up for LGBTQ themed film


Bollywood actor Sonam Kapoor tweeted about parental acceptance to support the film ‘Evening Shadows’

‘Evening Shadows (Surmaee Shaam)’, a film about a gay son coming out to his family in rural India, being directed by Sridhar Ranagayan, is making news already and attracting stars coming together to support the cause.

Bollywood’s leading actor Sonam Kapoor, who has been a great supporter of gay rights, took to Twitter to support the film ‘Evening Shadows (Surmaee Shaam)’.  She tweeted, “Let your family be your biggest strength, not an entity you fight against.


Sonam Kapoor’s appeal to support the crowdfunding campaign has gone viral and is attracting a lot of attention. The campaign has already raised 86% of the targeted amount with 87 backers from around the world.

“We need support from everyone who believes in cinema that pushes for a social cause. It is very difficult to make films on LGBT themes and we need all the support we can get”, said Rangayan, whose company Solaris Pictures is producing the film, “We are thrilled and honoured that people are coming together to make this happen. This is not a film, it is a movement”.

Sonam Kapoor was the guest of honour at this year’s KASHISH Mumbai International Queer Film Festival held in May 2016. She had said at the event, “Every person in India is guaranteed equality and the right to life and liberty, which includes the right to love a person of one’s choice, irrespective of sex or gender. The universal language that moves the world is that of love. It’s time for the society to speak out against the law that criminalises people for who they love and restore them with the dignity that they deserve”.