Sonam Kapoor again in ‘Apala by Sumit’ Earrings and wearing Sanjay Garg Outfit for her movie promotions in Bangalore.

Sonam Kapoor again in ‘Apala by Sumit’ Earrings and wearing Sanjay Garg Outfit for her movie promotions in Bangalore.

She looks stunning in cascading leaf earrings, with peacock motif carved in sterling silver with 22kt Gold layering. The gemstones used are garnets, fresh water pearls and rosecut quartz. The earrings are from Sumit’s Royal Tribe collection. 

About Apala:

Apala signifies “most beautiful” in Sanskrit.  Each design at Apala reflects exclusive style, mood and craftsmanship, made to perfection by some of India’s finest artisans. It is handcrafted with care, thought and vision, keeping in mind different personalities. 

Sumit Sawhney, the designer created brand Apala in 2006 to satisfy India’s growing demand for luxury jewellery with a contemporary edge, as well as the international market’s craving for aesthetic and incredible Indian treasures. He trained at the prestigious institutes GIA and JDTI and is renowned for his signature jewellery style fusion. Drawing inspiration from the World Art, Architecture, Nature and Spirituality, he combines them with his contemporary bold twist. Apala’s fine silver jewellery is combined with precious and semi-precious stones and layered with 22 karat gold.

Carved Incarnations Collection showcased last season at IIJW 2013 was breathtaking and immensely successful. Apala’s unique creations are appreciated by jewellery aficionados, patronised by who’s who and have been adorned by celebrities like Deepika Padukone, Vidya Balan, Shraddha Kapoor, Mugdha Godse, Lara Dutta, Lisa Haydon.