Sonam goes on a digital detox

Sonam goes on a digital detox

Sonam Kapoor who loves traveling and is quite the adventure junkie, has all this while not had the time to explore her hobby thanks to her choc-o-bloc schedule. 

The actress however, recently went back packing for a week in Ladakh, where she visited the old monasteries and interacted with the locals.

Most interestingly , Sonam who loves interacting with her friends and fans on social media, decided to take a digital detox and backpacked across Ladakh minus her phone.She now plans to travel to Cambodia (south East Asia)in 2 months. 

Says a source, ” Sonam wanted to unwind and backpack across Ladakh as that’s something she wanted to do for the longest time. As soon as she found an open window she packed her bags and headed up north.She also decided to go on a digital detox and kept herself away from all kinds of technology including her ipad and phone.The next trip on her to-do list is Cambodia, which she plans to travel to in 2 months.”