Sonakshi Sinha and Maniesh Paul bring Christmas cheers in the Bigg Boss house

Sonakshi Sinha and Maniesh Paul bring Christmas cheers in the Bigg Boss house

Sonakshi Sinha and Maniesh Paul bring Christmas cheers in the Bigg Boss house


It’s Christmas time and the Bigg Boss contestants are also basking in the warmth of the holiday season home away from home. Surprising them with lots of gifts and goodies are the beautiful Sonakshi Sinha and the ever talented Maniesh Paul. Ringing in celebrations inside the house, Sonakshi and Maniesh play fun and entertaining games with the contestants and join them for the Appy Fizz Christmas party.


Sonakshi gets the housemates to read out the messages they have written for their favorite fellow contestant. While Mona writes a message for Manu thanking him for his love and support, Gaurav writes one for Bani stating that she is his support system and an integral part of his Bigg Boss journey.


Up next, Sonakshi plays spin the bottle game with the contestants wherein they have to guess who said the following statements about them. If they fail to give the right answer, they have to drink a can of Appy Fizz. In the first round, the bottle points at Bani and Sonakshi asks her- who said that you are a hypocrite, Nitibha or Lopa. Bani takes Lopa’s name and has to gulp a can of Appy Fizz since it is a wrong answer.


In the next round, the bottle points at Mona and she has to identify the person who said- Agar Mona apne Sunny Leone image follow karna chahti hai toh kyu ro rahi hai. Soon after, Maniesh calls Manu, Manveer and Bani for a quick rapid fire round that unleashes many hidden emotions and opinions.  After spending few more moments inside the house, Sonakshi and Maniesh make an exit.


Sonakshi and Salman sashay onto the stage performing to their popular dance numbers and are shocked to find Maniesh hosting the show on Salman’s behalf. Furthermore, Salman tells Sonakshi that they have named a game- Thapad Se Darr Nahi Lagta after her signature dialogue from Dabangg. He tells her that he will shoot few Bollywood trivial questions at her and she will have to guess the right answer. Failing to do so, she will get a ‘Thappad’. The first question that he asks Sonakshi is to name three movies wherein Salman’s name was not Prem and she gives a right answer. Next, Salman asks Sonakshi her father Shatrughan Sinha’s first film and she gives a wrong and gets a thappad as a punishment. The game gets even more interesting after Maniesh is asked to go through the process and is asked questions like Akal Badi Ya Bhais, Murgi Pehle Aae Ya Anda. It puts him in a complete fix while Salman and Sonakshi have a good laugh. Before signing off, the contestants surprise Salman by giving a performance on his greatest hit on the occasion of the mega star’s birthday that falls on December 27th.


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